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  • Most club meetings include a "Photo of the Month" competition with a theme, such as "portraits" or "sports."  2015 Themes
  • The presenter for the program usually selects the winners.  Winning photos are displayed in a prominent place in Pinckney Hall. 
  • There are internal club guidelines for submitting photos at monthly club meetings. When special events and competitions occur, that external event may have its own competition guidelines. 

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Requirements for Photo of the Month:

  • Members can submit one photo within the theme for judging at that meeting. Members may also submit one photo in the Abstract Category.
  • Photo must have been taken within the preceding 24 months.
  • Photos must be clearly identified with photographer, photo title and skill level. Click here for label.
  • Photos that previously won at any level, including honorable mention, may not be re-entered in subsequent club competitions (but may be entered in other clubs' or tri-club competitions).
  • All Photos must have a hard backing such as dry mounting, foam core (no thicker than ",) or cardboard in order for the Committee to be able to handle and display the photo without it bending.
  • Photos may be color, black and white, or sepia each month unless the called for theme is specified to be color related or black and white/sepia specific.
  • Mats are not required, but if a mat is used, it must be either black or white.
  • Finished Product: The photo may be any size or shape you like, but the final product, with or without a mat, must not exceed an outside dimension of 16x20. In addition, a digital file must be e-mailed in advance as explained in the Club Guidelines.
  • Digital files of photos submitted for club competitions shall be emailed to at least 24 hours prior to the meeting date.  Complete instructions are provided in the guidelines.
  • Members' dues must be current and be present to compete. All contest submissions must be checked in by a member of the competition committee or their designee.
  • View the news (next meeting) for the upcoming theme.