The Summer of Zoom class session is now ready for registration.  You can register on the Curriculum link on the EDUCATION page.  Click the  REGISTER box on the right to see the full list of classes by scrolling down. All classes are free. We expect to add additional sessions throughout the summer.

The weekly HAPPENINGS is back. HAPPENINGS 5.27.20, HAPPENINGS 5.24.20.

If you wish to consider teaching +/or sharing this summer, please email 

All Education Newsletters are posted on the EDUCATION page.  Click here for exciting news about the planned spring/summer course offerings on Zoom.

See John's April 7 Zoom post as a way of communicating for planning sessions and holding some meetings. Depending on how long the shutdown continues, we plan to  use Zoom for classes, meetings and other club activities. For more information about video conferencing, click on


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The Photography Club of Sun City Hilton Head (PCSCHH) comprises about 400 members who share an interest in all things relating to photography, regardless of their experience or skill. We seek ways to improve our pictures while having fun.  We welcome all seasonal & full-time residents of Sun City Hilton Head. Prospective members may attend up to three meetings as guests, after which they must be paid members, in accordance with Sun City Community Association policy.   Current and prospective members may now renew or register for 2020 (membership benefits will also apply for the remainder of 2019).  Membership registration/renewal.

Regardless of levels of skill or experience, we share our enthusiasm for photography. All members have opportunities to learn and keep up-to-date on equipment & techniques by participating in the various Club activities. These include access to a fully-equipped studio, classes & workshops, competitions, field trips, focus groups, exhibits and monthly meetings which include presentations by professionals in photography & related fields.

The Club meets at 7:00 pm on the second Tuesday of the month except during the summer.

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Last updated May 28, 2020