*** URGENT ***


We are having our April Critique and Competition Meeting on April 21st at 7:00 PM.


This will be a virtual meeting on the Zoom platform, with instructions and training information to be sent out soon by John Burrack.


There are some items for this critique/ competition that are a bit different than normal: 


  •      This is a digital entry only event. Winning entries will be posted on the website.    

  •      There is no theme.

  •      There is also no time limit (older than two years is acceptable).

  •      Only (1) one submission will be accepted, this will be for both the critique and

             the competition. So choose wisely. Ribbons will be awarded as always

             according  to the number of submissions in each level.

  •      Submissions are required to be sent in by Midnight - Sunday April 12th to

            pcschh1@gmail.com as a JPG.    

  •      Proper naming convention still applies: Level - Photo title - Photographer's name .JPG 

  •      Photo size should be between 500 kilobytes and 1 megabyte definitely no larger than

            2 megabytes.


 All rules for competitions are posted on the Club website at pcschh.org.


If you have any further questions please email me at robertlricketts@yahoo.com




Bob Ricketts

Competition Chair

April 6

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