THE BLUFFTON YOU HAVEN’T SEEN                             

Updated 10/5/2019

The best time to view the sites on page 1 is early enough in the morning, before the Calhoun Street fills up with parked cars.                       


Calhoun Street

20 Calhoun Street    Planter’s Mercantile Built in 1890. Unlike most business of the time in Bluffton, it is a two-story building. They sold everything from clothing, cigars, food, boating supplies to coffins.


26 Calhoun Street     Patz Bros. Built in1892 Worth the stop? Too modern? Restored in 1995. Only one of two duplexes in Bluffton.


38 Calhoun Street      Carson’s Cottage See photo below. J.J. Carson distinguished himself in the Civil War by rescuing the mortally wounded Gen Stonewall Jackson. Je carried his body in a buckboard and drove him back to the Confederate side. Now the site of the famous Cottage Restaurant.


56 Calhoun Street   “The Store”  1904  Pretty cluttered up with modern stuff. Owned by a man who had two wives and 15 children. It was on property that had a house, built in 1850s although the store wasn’t built till 1904. The Le Petite Gallery is interesting. Take shot up the street to compare.


82 Calhoun Street      Seven Oaks  Built in 1860. The name comes from 7 large oaks surrounding the home. It had many owners over the years and in the 1920s, was a popular and successful boarding home for salesmen and summer visitors.


94  Calhoun Street   Allen-Lockwood House. Built in 1850. Corner of Calhoun and Water Street. Built by William Allen and is an example of a classic Lowcountry summer home with gabled roof, high ceilings, many windows for cross-ventilation and rests on brick piers. Colonel Allen was a prosperous planter in the area but by 1866. He was bankrupt and a forced sale only netted $10. 

110 Calhoun Street      Church of the Cross  Built 1857. Original heating was provided by a pot belly stove and the original lighting was done by whale oil.  Check out the view from the bluff next to the church/Go down to the Public Dock

111 Calhoun Street     Squire Pope’s Summer Home Built 1850. Originally it was the carriage house and outbuildings of the Squire’s summer home. The main house, a large 3 story structure, was burned during the firing of Bluffton (1963 during the Civil War). When the family returned after the war, they joined all of the buildings to serve as the main house. William Pope served in the SC House of Representatives. In the past few weeks, they have begun to renovate the site and it is surrounded with fencing, so it is difficult to photograph. 



Park at, or near, the Heyward House. Built 1849. Worth coming back to go inside and visit the outbuildings.


51 & 53 Boundary Street  I have no history but interesting looking.

Corner of Boundary and Bridge Sts.  Originally, it was called the “Cut Rate”, then  “The Rate”. Served as a tobacco and ice cream store and a post office. A California woman is hoping to restore this historic building.


43 Boundary St. Board and Batten House. The second of two, 2 family homes in Bluffton. Built around 1900 and owned by Rev. Louis Graham.



34 Bridge Street    The Card House (behind shrubbery)  Oldest house in Bluffton, built in 1825 and renovated in 1998  William Baynard is said to have won a 1000 acre plot of land on Hilton head , in this house during an 1840 Poker game.


48 Bridge Street    Fripp House Built in 1835 and renovated in 1998. It has a central hall floor plan, the only one of its kind in town. The second- floor porch was used as a sleeping porch.



130 or 132*  Pritchard Street “The Bluff” Built in 1883 after the original home was burned during the Bluffton Firing. The current house had two floors but the top floor was swept away by a hurricane in1893. Rebuilt 1921. *


131 Pritchard Street       The Pritchard House  (L) Built 1890, guest house in  1905 Plumbing until the 1940s was a privy hung over the bluff.  Restored 1996.

Pritchard Pocket Park    End of Pritchard Street.

* My sources differ on the address



78 Bridge St. Sarah Riley Hooks Cottage  1922 0r 1940? * Home of Michael C Riley, Board of Education after WWII. Local school named after him. You will have to look in the shrubbery for the cottage.

*My sources differ. One date may have been the cottage and one the bigger house.


92 Bridge St.  Orage Cottage Built in 1930.

GO TO OYSTER PARK  63 Wharf Street

Oyster Factory  63 Wharf Street  Built 1900.  Rebuilt 1954. Stay off the Oyster Factory property and the shrimp boat dock. Unfortunately, the wharf is no longer a good photo op. Walk down to the water.

See:   Oyster Factory Park   The Garvey House  1865 Only known Freedman’s home built on the waterfront.



10 Church Street   Old Bluffton Tabernacle Church was originally a Baptist Church. It is considered a “Artifact of Poverty”, having been built from building materials recycled from many old buildings. Now the home of Bluffton’s tallest man, Potter, Jacob Preston.



Breakfast or Lunch 

Squat and Gobble  Open 7-3.  1231 May River Road

Cahill’s Market           7:30-3     1055 May River Road



May River  Road  & Dubois  Called the “Red Dot” building has the appearance of a gas station but was a liquor store, until the 1980s, built in the 1930s. It was originally a wooden building but due to so many robberies, it was bricked up.


Stop at 2066 Okatie Hwy (Route 170), Okatie, SC 29909

Barrel Landing School This one-room school house is the second one at this site. The first was built prior to the Civil War, but it burned by the end of the nineteenth century. The school was named for the landing on the Okatie River, where barrels of produce were dropped for distribution to Beaufort, Charleston and Savannah.

Some of the residents of Sun City were upset when it was sold to be used for a private business. However, at least the outside of the building remains intact.



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