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Last updated March 31, 2020

The decisions and actions noted below have been reached by your community Board of Directors and will go into effect at 5 p.m. Saturday, March 14, 2020.

  • All amenity buildings including Hidden Cypress, Pinckney Hall, Yemassee Craft Center, Magnolia Hall, the Lakehouse, Riverbend, Palmetto Commons, Okatie Creek clubhouse, the Woodworkers Shop and the Logo Building will be closed. This also includes both on-site restaurants.

  • Therefore, all activities, classes, meetings and events scheduled in these buildings are cancelled.

  • All outdoor amenities will remain open.

This directive overrides our previous communications … The Studio is CLOSED.  The Key will be removed from the lock-box until the Community Reopens.  No date is given.


Note that “Outdoor Amenities will remain open” … As photographers you can still visit the trails to see and photograph the Alligator Nest and you may still see the Screech Owl on the Nature Trail.  The Azaleas and Bradford Pear trees are starting to show color I noticed along Dell Web and Argent Way.  Enjoy and capture some images.