“Creative Vision" is a collaborative project between PCSC, the SCHH Art Club and on a trial basis, the SCHH Glass Crafters Club. Interested club members sign-up and after a random drawing, photographers are paired with artisans. Together they choose a photo to be artistically represented. The result is a stunning fine-art show featuring side-by-side interpretations. Each year the show has grown in size and popularity.


Co-chairs Melanie Frank of PCSC and Linda Grady of the All About Art Club have met with the steering committee to begin lining up committees and preparing a timeline for the tenth annual Show.


Registration is in September so watch your email inbox for more information on how to participate!

Click here for 2022 Creative Vision photos



Creative Visions is a community wide show bringing together different art disciplines in an artistic collaboration. 


Each artist is free to capture the subject in a realistic, impressionistic, or abstract way.  


We share these works with our Sun City neighbors so they may participate & appreciate the talent in our community.



1. Maximum Size:  20 x 24 including the mat and frame.

2. Maximum Weight: CANNOT exceed 7 lbs.

3. Framing:  Frames should be sturdy, simple wood style or 1 ½ inch gallery 

     wrapped canvas with four finished sides with no exposed staples.

4.  NO GLASS is recommended for better gallery viewing.

5.  Hanging:  All art must have a secure wire attached to the back of the frame 

     approximately 1/3 the way from the top of the frame. This allows the piece to be

     securely hung level and square. ONLY D-Ring or Screw-Eye fasteners  will be accepted.

     No saw tooth hangers permitted.



6.  Inspections  Prior to intake, each Club will schedule a day to inspect the art. Art not

     meeting these specifications MUST be fixed and may be rejected from the show.