Creative Visions is a collaborative project between PCSC,                                                    the SCHH Art Club and this year, four SCHH Glass                                                                              Crafters. Interested club members are randomly

paired with artisans. Together they collaborate for a stunning fine-art show featuring side-by-side interpretations. Each year the show has grown in size and popularity. Click here for Guidelines. Click here for pairing numbers.



Creative Visions is a community-wide exhibit that, for the first time this year, brings together three disciplines in an artistic collaboration between fine art, photography and glass crafting. Participants collaborate to interpret a photographic image through a variety of mediums of painting or glass crafting.  Creativity is encouraged, and the pieces can be realistic, impressionistic, or abstract. We share these works with our Sun City neighbors for their enjoyment and so that they might appreciate the many talented artisans in our Sun City community. 

Click here for 2022 Creative Vision photos