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Third place pair Diane Brayden & Jan Urbanic, 2nd place pair Nancy Hall & Tom Mills, 1st place pair Linda Moore & Pair Cynthia Byers & 1st place Artist. 1st place Photographer Sophia Schade


1st place pair Linda Moore & Cynthia Byers. Cynthia also won Best Artist


Best Photographer Sophia Schade


2nd place pair Nancy Hall & Tom Mills


3rd place pair Diane Brayden & Jan Urbanic

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Great Frame Up, Leslie Joseph 566A0674.jpg

Stephen Ball, The Great Frame Up owner & sponsor with Leslie Joseph, Chair

Mark Davis and friend

Mark Davis and guest 566A0678.jpg
Everett & Dottie Denning, Julia Parrish 566A0676.jpg

Everett & Dottie Denning with Julia Parrish

Corky & Donna Bamond 566A0672.jpg
wine! 566A0693.jpg


Corky Burt with pair partner Donna Bamond

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Photographs by Jim Wilson, Lynn Sheppard, Jim Smith and Doug Scott

Al Forgach, Cindy Fiano & dad 566A0695.jpg

Al Forgach with Cindy Fiano and her father

Gracene Peluso, Stan Holz 566A0277.jpg

Gracene Peluso & Stan Holz

Julia Parrish, Dale Methven 566A0690.jpg

Julia Parrish & Dale Methven

Thank you to all the 70+volunteers from All About Art and PCSC who made this exhibit a success! Special thanks to Leslie Joseph and John Burrack for their leadership. 

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