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Last updated March 31, 2020


The PCSCHH Earth Day subcommittee has selected the theme, "Native Trees and Plants of the Lowcountry - Their Beauty & Importance” for the club display this year.


This will coordinate very well with the presentations of other clubs, but we will have the very best photos!


We ask you to look through your photos for native plants including LIVE OAK trees, cone flowers, black eyed Susans, Redbuds, sweetgrass, bee balm... Click here for an extensive list and photos of local native plants. We especially request photos of pollinators (bird, bees, butterflies and moths) on native plant blooms. We know you have many shots from the butterfly garden!


Please select two or three photos, no more, and send the them to me ( by March 27.


The earlier the better. The subcommittee will then select the photos that will be in the club display. The subcommittee will print them, so you do not need to plan to print. It would be very helpful to put your name and the plant's name in the photo's title if you can. Remember, only Lowcountry native trees & plants are requested!


Please send only JPEGs, cropped/formatted for 8 x 10, and include a watermark, if you can, so the display will have your name on your photo, should it be selected. 


Photographers who are selected will be asked to consider donating a matted print for the raffle. Folks truly appreciated winning these last year. The need to fill out raffle tickets really drove people to our tables.

Last year, the club's display was a high point of the Earth Day displays. Folks loved the photos and learned a lot. This year's committee is also highly motivated to present our members' beautiful work and be good ambassadors for the club.

We hope you will participate.

Questions? Email or call me.

Freddi Hoffmann 860-841-8586

Earth Day Chair