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In addition to the Card Room, we also exhibit at these locations:



The theme and selection are made by the CAM staff. We alternate this exhibit with the All About Art Club.


The club maintains a rotating gallery exhibit in the Studio to showcase the talents & interests of the members. They include photos from competitions, field trips, focus groups & from other exhibits.  Prints may be offered for sale at the member’s discretion.  Any member in good standing is eligible to display photos at no cost & is encouraged to provide a bio in an artists' binder available for viewing. 


All work must be matted in either white or black and framed in black.


Check the studio calendar for deadline and installation information.


PCSCHH combines our skills with All About Art Club members for the Double Vision exhibit. One participating photographer and one participating artist are paired to develop two perspectives of the same image. The exhibit is open for 3 days and is attended by over 1,000 Sun City residents and their guests. This is an opportunity to sell your work. Watch the ANNOUNCEMENTS section in the Fall for more information. 

The 2021 Double Vision has been moved to October due to the pandemic.



​PCSC has exhibited at these locations in the past year: Hilton Head Hospital, Hilton Head Library and Bluffton Library. Due to the pandemic, we have suspended exhibits for the safety of our members. Watch the ANNOUNCEMENTS for future installations.​


Unless noted, there is no theme for the exhibits. Each photo must be framed or on canvas stretched over a frame, and must include the standard Club label. Outer dimensions of the frames are usually 16 x 20. Frames must be in good condition with no scratches or marks, etc. with clean glass. The wire on the back should be about a third of the way from the top for hanging. Photos that do not meet these conditions will not by hung. 


Information about the exhibit deadlines, and other submission information will be sent to club members several weeks before each exhibit. Club members are responsible for transporting their work to and from the installation site. 

If you have never displayed in one of our exhibits, and are unsure about what to do, please contact me for assistance.  You can also visit the help sessions set up by the club in the studio.  Studio calendar: http://www.localendar.com/public/suncitystudio.