With the club motto of "Friends Helping Friends", we continuously seek ways to meet the needs and interests of all members  As the technology evolves, we strive to offer something for everyone.

The User Groups meet members' specific needs, and are open to all members with no additional charge, except for studio materials when used. These like-minded people share information and experience regarding equipment, techniques, and post-processing.  

Check the calendar for meeting dates of email contact for information.

Black and White

Black and white has long been a favorite medium of fine art photographers due to the emphasis on space, form, line and texture. In this interest group, we critique the works of 20th and 21st century black and white photographers as well as discuss our own photographic works. 4th Thursday 1-3 p.m. Tom Mills @ for information.


Canon DSLR

This is a forum for Canon DSLR Camera users to learn and share their knowledge about the capabilities of Canon DSLR Cameras, Lenses, Speedlite Flash Units and other Accessories. 3rd Thursday 7-8:45 p.m. Corky Burt @ for information.


CLIC (Creative Learning Insights Community)

To create a community of photographers who want to explore their craft through creative discovery, experimentation, post processing and peer review. Camera or cell phone users who have taken at least “Photography Fundamentals 100” will benefit more from this user group. It will be helpful if you have experience with settings beyond “auto” and some post processing. At each meeting, we’ll go through submitted images and all group members will be expected and encouraged to provide constructive feedback to the photographer, suitable to their skill set level. 4th Monday 2-4 pm. Email Leslie Joseph @ or Dale Methven @ for information.



This group is designed as a next step for Fundamentals students and other non-experts. The focus is on good composition, not monthly competition themes. Critiques of assignments and/or shooting expeditions may be included. 2nd Thursday 1-3 p.m. Tom Mills @ for information.


Lightroom Classic

The group focuses on processing digital photographs using Adobe Lightroom Classic. with special attention to new and unique features that are introduced by the manufacturer. We encourage attendees to share techniques they've learned or ask questions if they have any. Check calendar for meeting dates. Rich de Asla @ for information.



This is a forum for Panasonic Lumix Camera users to learn and share their knowledge about the capabilities of Panasonic Lumix Cameras. 3rd Wednesday 3:30-5 p.m. Freddi Hoffmann @ for information.


Phone Camera

We focus on various functions of Phone Cameras. This is an informal forum for Phone Camera users to learn and also share their knowledge about the capabilities of their camera. The group determines topics of interest for future meetings. Plan to share a photo taken with your phone with the group. Check calendar for meeting dates. Sue Flynn @ or John Burrack @ for information. 

September 2022