The deadline is fast approaching! Don't miss out on this opportunity for getting constructive feedback by professional photographers on digital images submitted for the April 9 meeting this year. Critiques at this meeting will focus on helping members prepare for our monthly competitions and exhibits, and the annual Tri-Club competition coming in May.


Each club member may submit one or two images for this critique session, and at least one of your images will be critiqued during the program, and the second if time permits. THERE IS NO NEED TO PRINT YOUR PHOTO FOR THIS MEETING. We will view your images by projection during the meeting, but the critiques will be based on your image viewed by our judges on their computers ahead of time. We hope that a large number of members will submit at least one image to the critique session.

Submit your image(s) as jpeg file type, with file size of AT LEAST 2100 pixels and NO MORE than 3500 pixels on the long side. As an indicator of quality, your file size should be about 1MB and no more than 4MB.


Email your files AS AN ATTACHMENT to pcschh1@gmail.com, with the file name following these examples: 

            File Naming Convention: IMAGE TITLE_photographer's LAST NAME,

            FIRST NAME_1 or 2 (1 = 1st image; 2 = 2nd image)


            Example:  Portrait of My Son_Rhyne, Tom_1.jpg

            Example:  Portrait of My Daughter_Rhyne, Tom_2.jpg


If you are submitting two photos, please be sure to send both as attachments in the same email. You will receive an acknowledgement of your submission(s) as a return email, but only one acknowledgement will be sent even if two photos are included in your email.  


Deadline for receipt of your image(s) is 5:00 pm on TUESDAY, APRIL 3.

Judges for this event are Sandy Dimke and Robert Rommel. Both have presented to our club meetings and judged our print competitions in the recent past. Sandy is a founding member of the Photography Club of Beaufort who has a distinguished career as professional photographer, presenter, and judge of photographic competitions. She now tends to focus on Fine Art photography. Robert is educated as a naturalist and is a professional photographer living in Bluffton. He is widely known and celebrated for his outstanding photography of the Lowcountry, and he is a frequent exhibitor at art shows in the southeastern United States. 


Help on resizing your photograph in Lightroom and exporting it can be found at https://photographylife.com/how-to-properly-resize-images-in-lightroom.


If you are using a Mac desktop or laptop, the easiest way to resize uses Preview. Just open your photo in Preview, go to the Tools menu, then to Resize and set the numbers to the desired size and pixel density.


You may also Google “resize my photo”. Here’s an example:



If you find that you need additional help, please plan to come into one of the Help sessions identified on the Studio Calendar at http://www.localendar.com/public/ suncitystudio.


Questions about the submittal process itself can be directed to Bob Kampwirth at  rkampwirth@gmail.com.


Any other questions can be directed to either Stan Lituchy, Competitions Chair, at slitu18@gmail.com or Jim Smith, Programs Chair at jlsmith.jim@gmail.com.

For comments or questions regarding this website, 

please contact the Webmaster.

Last updated July 11, 2020