We welcome all seasonal &  full-time residents of Sun City Hilton Head. In accordance with the Sun City Community Association policy,

prospective members may attend up to three meetings as guests,

after which they must be paid members.


First Member - $20

Second Household Member - $10

To Join/Renew, click "REGISTRATION" button. Online registration authorizes our club treasurer to bill you for club dues. The charges will appear on your CAM billing statement.  


MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL: If you are currently a member through the end of December 2021, we encourage you to renew your membership using the online renewal process.

For membership questions, contact Membership Chair John Rhyan at jr4803@gmail.com.


President:                                      Jim Smith

Vice-President:                            Stan Holz

Secretary:                                       Barbara Reeves

Treasurer:                                       Everett Denning

Education Dir:                               Dale Methven

Past President:                             John Burrack


                              LEADERSHIP TEAM

Competition:                                 Bob Ricketts

External Exhibitions:                   Alice Surette

Field Trips:                                     Mike Laferriere

Membership:                                John Rhyan

Programs:                                      Sophia Schade

Public Relations:                          Sophia Schade

Photo Services                             Rich deAsla

Studio Mgr:                                    Corky Burt

Website:                                         Chuck Thomas