Heading 2

January 2021


PCSC Members


January is already past!  On Feb. 9 (just 8 days away) we will have our 2nd Program Meeting and Competition of 2021.  I’d like to take a moment to update you on where I think we are going with our programs and our needs through the end of this year.


First, we stand at 320 members after 10 months without any face-to-face meetings and very limited use of the Studio resources. You are one of them and I thank you for joining


Attendance in our Zoom based Education and User’s Groups has increased over the year.  The number of offerings has also increased.  Digital submissions to our monthly competitions has increase to over 50 photos for each meeting.  Expect this to continue and hopefully grow some more.


Talking with leaders of other clubs we are being held as a model for maintaining a continued high level of membership involvement thanks to all of you that have continued to participate as well as the hard work of our standing committees that found ways for us to participate, grow our photography skills and share our beautiful photos.


We don’t know if we can be getting together in meetings anytime soon.  At least 2 clubs I know of tried some "in studio" and outside small gatherings during the last month only to find that one or more attendees tested positive for the virus and had to ask others involved to be tested and/or quarantine themselves.  Given recent more aggressive strains of the virus are surfacing locally it is not worth the risk to continue or schedule such meetings yet.  


We did reserve rooms for our monthly programs but have already cancelled them through March.  This month we will be looking at May - June reservations with full knowledge that the programs already schedule can be handled via Zoom … and frankly probably will be.  We will also continue to limit use of the Studio.  Attached please read the Facility Use Guidelines we established last June … They are still accurate except for the suggestion to “bring your own sanitizing supplies” … we have plenty in stock and available in the room.


This is February and we are usually in the midst of Double Vision at this time … and we are not.  The Club and the All About Art Club decided to plan for DV-9 nearer the end of 2021 and the community has reserved all the meeting area in Pinckney Hall so that we could plan for safer “social distancing” for our workers and attendees.  The dates are November 5-7, 2021.  That’s 10 months away so it’s time to start planning now.  We need 2 people (Co-Chairs) to work alongside me and the Art Club,  Contact me BY FRIDAY FEB. 5 if you can help.  E-mail: John.Burrack@me.com.  


Please also consider volunteering to serve on one of our Committees: Programs, Competition, Education, Field Trips, Publicity, Facilities, Web Site, Membership, Monitors, Exhibits, Print Services and more.  Contact me if you have an area where you could help.  At this time all meetings are Zoom based.


Thanks for your attention and ongoing support for the Photography Club.  


Stay Safe and Be Well.



John Burrack, 2021 PCSC President