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June 11, 2011




The community has lifted nearly all the facility use restrictions that were put in place during the last year.  In response over the course of the Summer and for the remainder of the year we will be scheduling Studio Related activities.  


Prior to Covid we were conducting regular “Open Studio” or “Walk-In” Photographic Help sessions. These will resume starting next Tuesday, June, 15 at 1:30 - 4pm and every non-holiday Tuesday afternoon at least through the end of August.


We will provide Printing and Matting help as well as answering questions regarding editing photos and camera use.  There is a need for monitor volunteers for each session to aid with payment for services like photo prints and matting materials as well as establishing a queue of people waiting for help. 


This is possible because many in Sun City are fully vaccinated.  Due to the fact that there are some who are not and in light of the possibility that even vaccinated members can potentially carry Covid-19 we are asking that you abide by the following guidelines:


1.  If you have flu like symptoms or do not feel well please do not plan to attend a session.

2.  If you have not been vaccinated you are welcome to attend.  It will be your choice and responsibility regarding wearing protective masks or maintaining distance from others.

3.  We will continue to have hand sanitizer and surface wipes available for you to use on entry and/or leaving the Studio.  The staff will not be wiping down surfaces.  You are welcome to wipe them down before or after your use to feel safe.


Thank you.


John Burrack