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The next field trip will be to “The Hostess City of the South,” Savannah GA. You will be traveling around the city to photograph historic homes, churches, statues, fountains, famous squares and more. If you are new to the Photography Club and to the area, this is a great opportunity to photograph the unique architecture of Savannah and make some new friends!

To be able to get the entire group of photographers to each of the locations efficiently, we plan to use the Old Town Trolley System. This allows us to get to each of the sites, avoiding the hassle of finding free parking for multiple vehicles. You will be dropped off at one of the” hop on hop off” stops, then you can take as long as you need and then get on the next Old Town Trolley to the next location. Trolleys run every 20 minutes. You have unlimited “hop on and hop off” privileges with your ticket purchase.

Hometown Pass

To get the best price, several of our members recommended using the Historic Tours of Savannah “Hometown Pass.”  This is a BOGO deal where one member buys a full price ticket and the member with the “Hometown Pass” rides free. Well except for reimbursing the member who bought the full price ticket $20. The “Hometown Pass” saves another $11 from the original group price of $31. It is recommended for everyone planning to go on the Savannah Architectural Tour, if you do not already have a “Hometown Pass,” to sign up for the “Hometown Pass. But to make this work, it will take some coordination between the members on the field trip. Here is the link to the site to sign up for the “Hometown Pass”:

Parking is free and you have unlimited “hop on and hop off” privileges the entire day!

All Tickets must be purchased at the Historic Tours Ticket Booth when we arrive at the trolley station. See the Hometown Pass website for additional information.


The Plan

To be ready to get on the first trolley of the day, we need to be at the Trolley Station when the Ticket Window opens at 9 AM. It takes less than an hour depending on the traffic to get to the Trolley Station, so we need to meet at Lake Somerset @ 7:15 AM and be on the road by 7:30 AM. There is road construction on the road to Savannah, so we are allowing extra travel time for the trip.


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Liability Waiver

To go on this PCSCHH field trip, you must have signed the PCSCHH Waiver of Liability to participate in this field trip.

Any questions, give me a call at 847.641.1066


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Field Trip Coordinator,

Mike Laferriere