It’s a 1 ½ hour drive to our first stop. We will leave Lake Somerset at 7:30 sharp.
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We will start in Branchville then Bamberg, Cope, Norway, Denmark. We will end our tour in Blackville with lunch at Miller's Bread Basket. This is an Amish or Mennonite style restaurant. The restaurant closes at 2pm so we need to be there by 1pm. 


Some interesting information about the towns we will be visiting.

Branchville:  The world’s oldest Railroad Junction built in 1828.

                        The Southern Railway Passenger Railroad is on the National Registry of   

                        Historic Places.

                        Branchville Railroad Shrine & Museum. Open by appointment only. Phone 


                        An estimated 5000 Revolution Troupes camped here during the War.

                        Thousands of Confederate Troupe camped here to protect Branchville from

                        Gen. Sherman.

                        Byrd Cemetery has head stones that date back to the First Settlement in 1735.

Bamberg:  There are several notable people from Bamberg including.

                      1; Gov. Nicky Haley,

                      2; NFL & Clemson Football player DaQuan Bowers,

                      3; Offensive Lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars, A.J. Cann,

                      4; Chief Justice of South Carolina and a Supreme Court Judge Julius B “Bubba”


                      5; Major league Baseball player, Zak Godley,

                      6; NFL Linebacker, Micky Pruitt,

                      7; Clemson and NFL football player, Ricky Sapp,

                      8; Major league Baseball player Mookie Wilson,

                      9; Major league Baseball player Preston Wilson.

                    10; Bamberg also has 6 places listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Cope:  Cope Railroad Depot is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

                   Cope is Home to a working cotton mill. 

Norway: The town of Norway was laid out when the Railroad arrived in 1891 and named by

                  the railroad  to fit with their Scandinavian Scheme.

                 The Willow Consolidated High School was added to the National Registry of

                  Historic Places. 


                  On July 4th 1903 Norway was the site of a Race Riot in reaction to the lynching of

                  Charles Evans for the killing of a disabled Confederate Veteran, John T. Phillips.

                  Along with the lynching 2 other black residents were beaten by a mob of white

                  men with one latter dying of his injuries. The murder was perpetrated in revenge 

                  for Phillips’ son whipping of black workers. Some 200 armed black men took over 

                  the town before the militia were called in by Gov. Duran Clinch Heyward


Denmark: Denmark was originally called Grahams Turnout but the name changed when

                     the Railroad came to town.  The present name is from a railroad passenger rail

                     system official by the name B. A. Denmark. Amtrak, the national passenger rail

                     system, serves Denmark, operating its Silver Star daily in each direction,                                     between Miami, Florida by way of Tampa, Jacksonville, and Savannah, and New                       York City by way of Columbia, Richmond, Washington, and Philadelphia.


Notable People from Denmark

                   Jim Harrison; - artist, author, speaker

                   Cleveland Sellers; is an American educator and civil right activist. Sellers helped 

                   lead the Student Nonviolent coordinating committee

                   Bakari Sellers; is an American attorney, political Commentator and Politician. He

                   served the SC House of Representatives for the 90th District from 2006-2014. 

                  Woody Binnicker; businessman, former mayor, established the first Endurance 

                  Parachute Record, making 201 parachute jumps in 17 1/2 hours in February 1973.

                  Drink Small, The Blues Doctor, jazz musician

Places Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places

               American Telephone and Telegraph Company BuildingDenmark High School,   

                and Voorhees College Historic District 

Blackville History:

                On December 22, 1781, a band of British Loyalists fought with a group of local

                Patriots two miles north of Blackville. The location, called Windy Hill at the time,

                is slightly east of the present-day Healing Springs Park and Church. The 

                commanding officer was Captain Benjamin Odom, Jr. who was a member of

               Colonel William Harden's regiment. Sixteen Patriots were killed. 

               Major “Bloody Bill” Cunningham was believed to be the commander of the Tory 

               company. The area was known for many years as "Slaughter Hill".

                Solomon Blatt, Sr. Longtime SC state representative  was born in Blackville.

Historic landmarks

God's Acre Healing Springs is a small patch of land whose legal owner is "God Almighty". The land includes a natural spring whose water local tradition holds has healing powers.        

We will have lunch at Millers Bread Basket

This is an Amish-Mennonite restaurant that serves traditional southern fare with grace and style.  The meals are served around the idea of "meat and three", but with more flexibility. The deserts are to die for, just sayin!  They also sell breads, pies, cakes and jams. Customers seem to come from near and far.