June 26 The Studio is open.


Fellow PCSC Members,

The attachment is the full set of Guidelines approved by the Board and submitted to Lifestyles. 


Simply stated:

  • there is a limit to how many can use the facility at the same time … 4 members.  

  • You must provide and wear a mask with in the Studio.  

  • The club has a small supply of hand sanitizer and surface wipes.  Like the rest of the community and due to the scarcity of these materials we ask that you use your own supplies to sanitize your hands and clean surfaces on entry to the room.  

  • Use Sanitizer before entering the room and take a moment to wipe down all surfaces you use.  By doing so you are making sure they are safe for YOU.  If everyone does this there should be no need to wipe down again before leaving.  If multiple people are using the room, however, care should be taken to wipe down surfaces that other in the room are using.  

  • As always you may reserve the facility to complete your projects if you wish although you can also visit the Studio anytime without reservation.  

  • The Key to the door is in the lockbox;  monitors and others with the key box code will be able to get in.  If you are a certified user of Studio equipment (Printers, Mat equipment and Lighting) and do not have the door code you can contact Dorothy — pccalendar365@gmail.com  and she will issue the code to you.

  • when you print or mat photos you will be able to use your CA number to pay with a CA-Charge slip or a personal check.  Complete the log sheet on the counter and place your payment into the envelop.


The Club is also putting together a process whereby we will print photos for members who either are not certified or are not comfortable printing on your own.  More info and forms for this process will be used to print photos for those who will be having their images hung in the Card rooms.  


Thank you and please stay safe as there is a considerable risk that the virus is beginning to expand it’s reach in our community.


John Burrack

The studio is a multi-purpose venue for our classes and small meetings, which are enhanced by a recently acquired 4K HDR television screen. The studio is fully equipped and maintained with access to commercial-grade printing, matting and mounting equipment. It can be converted to a portrait studio complete with different background drops and all the lighting equipment required for professional-quality portrait photography. The facility has internet service, both Apple and Windows computers and the latest editing software. A lending library has an assortment of books, magazines and other reference material.

The studio is open generally on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for individual help with equipment (both club and member-owned) or questions about the club in general. Upon certification training, members can operate equipment during general studio hours.  Appointments are not needed, but check the calendar for available times which are subject to change.

Please familiarize yourself with the Studio Safety Policy.

Be sure to stop by and view the  current gallery exhibit of members' photos any time the Studio is not being used for another purpose. 

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please contact the Webmaster.

Last updated July 11, 2020