January - Black and White. No mono tones or sepia just black and white.

February - Abandoned Buildings or Old Barns

March -  Magnificent Skies

April - Critique. Theme is Reflections. Digital file submissions only. This a competition with ribbons and points awarded.

May - Tools of the Trade

June, July, August - No meeting

September - Wet

October - Silhouette

November - Open. No time limit any subject matter. 

December - People’s Choice



JANUARY - Boardwalks


FEBRUARY - Macro/Closeup


MARCH - B&W (No Monotones or Sepia)


APRIL - Critique - Theme is “Blue Hour” Digital file submissions only. This is a competition with Ribbons


The blue hour is the period of twilight in the late dusk each evening, or the very dawn of the morning, when the sun is at a significant distance below the horizon and the residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue hue.


MAY - Wildlife (excluding vegetation and household pets)


SEPTEMBER - Nature is an Artist (Could be Landscapes, Fall Foliage, Flowers, Foggy Marshes etc.)


OCTOBER - Marinas


NOVEMBER - Open. (Any subject but with 2 Year time limit)


DECEMBER - Peoples Choice



All themes will have a two year time limit