JANUARY - Boardwalks


FEBRUARY - Macro/Closeup


MARCH - B&W (No Monotones or Sepia)


APRIL - Critique - Theme is Wildlife (excluding vegetation and household pets). Digital file submissions only. This is a competition with ribbons.

MAY - “Blue Hour” Digital file submissions only.

The blue hour is the period of twilight in the late dusk each evening, or the very dawn of the morning. When the sun is at a significant distance below the horizon and the residual indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue hue. Digital file submissions



SEPTEMBER - Nature is an Artist (Could be Landscapes, Fall Foliage, Flowers, Foggy Marshes etc.)


OCTOBER - Marinas - a dock or basin providing secure moorings for boats and often offering supply, repair, and other facilities.


NOVEMBER - Open. (Any subject but with 2 Year time limit)


DECEMBER - People's Choice - First place winners in each level for each  month will be voted by membership.


 All themes will have a two year time limit

2022 Date             Theme             Type of Meeting        Type of Entry        Entry Deadline Midnight On:

September 13      Nature              In-Person                     Digital                    September 11

                                  is an Artist                                            

October 11            Marinas            In-Person                     Print                       October 9

November 8         Open                 In-Person                     Digital                    November 6

                                 2-year limit

December 13      People's            tbd                                 Digital                     tbd




JANUARY - Vintage Thing - Old, recognized, and enduring interest, or quality, perhaps just old-fashioned. Use classic, but like new items or let rust and/or peeling paint tell the story.    


FEBRUARY - Fill the Frame - Fill your entire photograph with the subject. No negative space. Get close.   


MARCH - Tall Things - Looking Up: Looking up/Tall Things: Look up! High ceilings, tall trees, water towers, power lines, steeples, tall person, shoot up at a different angle   


APRIL – Open (No Time Limit) 


MAY - So Southern/South Carolina: photos that depicts the South Carolina way of life. Palm trees, shrimp boats, low country boil, Gullah traditions, Marshes and more. 


SEPTEMBER – Flight:  The action or process of flying through the air, like an arrow, ball, balloon, bird, plane, or rocket. Through the air from point a to point b. 


OCTOBER – Games. Choose from games like Bocce, table tennis, dominoes, billiards, cards, Mahjong, pickle ball, golf, horseshoes, tennis, softball and volleyball. Take a photo of a different angle of a game! 


NOVEMBER- Things That Begin with the Letter T:  Try this thoroughly transforming, transporting test of your talents of things!  


DECEMBER – People’s Choice - First place winners in each level for each  month will be voted by membership.

All themes will have a two year time limit, with the exception of April.

2023 Date         Theme                        Type of Meeting    Type of Entry      Deadline Entry Midnight On:
January 10        Vintage Thing           Zoom                         Digital                 January 8
February 14      Fill the Frame           Zoom                          Digital                 February 12
March 14           Tall Things -              In-Person                   Print                    March 12
                             Looking Up
April 11              Open - No Limit       Zoom                          Digital                April 9
May 9                 So Southern/          In-Person                   Digital                May 7
                            South Carolina    
September 12 Flight                          In-Person                   Print                   September 10
October 10      Games                        In-Person                   Digital               October 8
November 7    Things That Begin   In-Person                   Print                  November 5
                           With Letter T    
December 12  People's Choice       tbd                              tbd                      tbd