To avoid frustrating moments when you realize you forgot something, this list was generated by the experiences of seasoned trip participants. It is a checklist for SUGGESTIONS of helpful items. Overnight trips require more gear to handle a variety of weather and lighting conditions.


Day Before: 

  • Format memory cards

  • Charge batteries (at least 2)

  • Test camera with memory card & battery

  • Put memory card in camera

  • Put charged battery in camera

  • Clean Filters & Lenses

  • Reset/Check:

          EV Value

          File Size Settings

          ISO Settings

          White Balance Settings                                           

  • Check Correct Mode Setting & Sensor Dust



  • Plan on the possibility of no cell coverage or GPS

  • Local-area hospital/ urgent care facilities with GPS location & phone number

  • Emergency cell contact list of all trip participants with emergency contacts

  • Extra set of car keys of someone other than the driver to hold



  • Camera rain cover or tall kitchen trash bag

  • Extra batteries & charger 

  • Extra lenses

  • Extra memory cards

  • Filters, including Neutral Density

  • Headlamp/Flashlight

  • Lens cap

  • Lens cleaner / Lens cloth

  • Manual or phone with on-line manual

  • Remote

  • Tripod

  • USB Portable Charger 



  • Compass 

  • Flashlight

  • Gaffer Tape 

  • Handwarmers

  • Insect Repellent   

  • Knife or branch cutter

  • Rain Gear

  • Snake bite kit

  • Sun Screen

  • Sunglasses       



  • Hat for sun / wind

  • Reflective or see-in-the-dark clothing or tape

  • Rain gear



  • Aspirin

  • Band-aids

  • Energy bars

  • First Aid kit

  • Foldable chair

  • Pillow