Instructions for Submitting Photos for Creativity SIG


Before you login to upload, rename and resize the image/s you are submitting for discussion.

1. Limit no more than 3 JPG images per member.

2. Resize image to between 1 and 2MB . Rename using this convention:


“Your Name-sequence #.jpg (for example de Asla Rich-1234.jpg)

3. Next steps: ● Log in here to the URL:

● USERNAME: Creativity Participant 

● PASSWORD: csupPCci2015$

Note: Connectivity may be on the slow side. It could take up to 1-2 minute to OPEN the NAS desktop.


Once you get the NAS desktop click on the app called “File Station” this will open a folder called “Creativity”.


Drag and drop the photo to be viewed at the meeting to the open folder


OR click the “Upload” button this will open File Explorer on a PC or Finder on a MAC.


Select the 1-3 jpg images you want.

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Last updated February 26, 2021