We Are Friends Helping Friends.


Come and share our excitement about photography. The more you participate in our activities, the more fulfilling your Club experience will be.


There are many ways to get involved:


  • Sign up for workshops

  • Become a studio monitor. Enjoy the benefits of using the studio during unscheduled hours

  • Be a Class Assistant. Help Workshop participants with hands-on learning

  • Become an Instructor

  • Attend monthly Club meetings

  • Compete in monthly contests

  • Display in studio and external exhibits sponsored by the Club

  • Post your photos on the Club Facebook page

  • Attend Tuesday Help Sessions for assistance with printing and matting

  • Join a Club-sponsored field trip

  • Join a User Group: Canon, Lumix, Cell phone, Black & White, Lightroom, & CLIC. See User Groups.

  • Participate in Creative Visions exhibit

  • Participate in First Sturday sales

  • Assist with Fall Club Fair and studio open houses

  • Join a Committee:


John Hock, Chairperson

Mark Davis, Mike Davis, Bob Dunne, Julie Kimmell, Linda Laird, Russ Schivley


Dale Methven, Chairperson

Corky Burt, Cindy Fiano, Elaine Garcia, Freddi Hoffman, Leslie Joseph, Toni McQuair, Tom Mills, Mary Mullen, Julia Parrish, Barb Puceta, Barb Reeves


Michael Laferriere, Chairperson

Joyce Fowler, Stan Lituchy, Pat Roche


President:                       Jim Smith               

Vice-President:             Stan Holz               

Secretary:                        Barb Reeves        

Treasurer:                        Everett Denning 

Education Dir:                 Dale Methven     

Past President:               John Burrack      


                 LEADERSHIP TEAM           Competition:                      John Hock         

Studio Exhibit:                   Alice Surette      

Field Trips:                          Mike Laferriere  

Membership:                      Mike Fratkin        

Programs:                            Sophia Schade 

Public Relations:                Sophia Schade 

Studio Mgr:                          Corky Burt         

Website:                                Chuck Thomas

Click here for the BOD and Leadership Committee reports