April 7


First of all here’s hoping you are all safe and healthy.  


The announcements from Governor McMasters all the way to the White House in recent days have confined us a little more so that we have little “face to face” interaction.  Our Board is looking for ways to continue Club functions.  With this rather lengthy email I have information and some concrete dates and times for PCSC activities in April:


We have embraced “Zoom.us” as a way of communicating for planning sessions and holding some meetings.  I know some of you are concerned about “Zoom” and reports that are circulating through the internet and on Facebook.  Even so we have embraced this technology for the following reasons:

  1. Zoom is a unique basket of tools that are quite easy to learn to use.

  2. Zoom.us has consistently and aggressively modified its product in light of internet safety concerns and demonstrated it will continue to do so.  I’ve had 2 upgrades in the 3 weeks that I have had an account and I’m sure as more issues surface they will be addressed just as aggressively.  

  3. It goes without saying that you also have to make safe  access decisions just as you do with all aspects of using Internet based technologies.  If it doesn’t look or feel safe for you then don’t go there.

  4. We can and will make our use of Zoom as safe as we can to reduce the chance of hacking and outsiders' so called “Zoom bombing” attempts by using the following guidelines:

    1. Meetings will each have a unique “MeetingID” and Password as well as a Web URL that will function with your browser.

    2. We will not post MeetingIDs, Passwords or URLs on our website or open access products like Facebook and our shared calendar.

    3. We will only include access information in e-mails directly to you based on our Listserver or the e-mail addresses you supplied to us when you sign up for classes or supply as part of any of our User Groups.

    4. We will ASK that you DO NOT FORWARD ANY OF THESE EMAILS or otherwise SHARE them with people outside the club.  That’s your part in helping keep all of us Safe … sort of our own “Social Distancing” on line.

  5. Even though you may be asked to create a Zoom account when you access one of our meetings IT IS NOT NECESSARY for any of our meetings.


All that being said here are some Zoom based events we are planning.  Please note and save these dates:

  • April 15, 10am PCSC Zoom Training #1. This and other training is to insure you can access PCSC Zoom meeting on your system(s) … Computers, Laptops, Tablets or Phones.

  • April 16, 2pm - PCSC Zoom Training #2.   … same reason/content as #1.

  • April 21, 7pm - PCSC April Critique Meeting and Competition.  You have already received information on submitting your pictures from Competition Chair Bob Ricketts.  This will be our first Webinar or big meeting complete with a speaker working from his home.  Due to the nature of our Zoom License this meeting is limited to 100 “attendees”.  


Last of all some of our User Groups, Standing Committees and BoD meetings are already using Zoom and we hope will continue to use it over the next year … All these meetings will use the rules above to schedule and invite members.  I have to say again that one of the safest things you can do is Not Share Meeting IDs and Passwords outside our Club.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.


Please stay safe through this period.




John Burrack, 2020 PCSC President


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